What is your definition of “Pinoy Rap”? – MC Doughboy


Tell us a little about yourself.
MC Doughboy: Im MC Doughboy of Lolas Noisy Neighbors and the resident Hypeman of Prime Upscale club, Tomas Morato.

Where you from?
MC Doughboy: Im a NOMAD. Hahaha. Born in Quezon City, Raised in Batangas City.

Are you pursuing music full-time or do you have a day job?
MC Doughboy: Music is my wife. I live in the same house with PENITENT so that means making music is a daily routine. I wouldn’t call my JOB, a day job, i hype clubs…so basically im getting paid to party and shout at the mic.

How did it all start for you? How did you become an MC? –
MC Doughboy: Writing RAP since i was 12, making music since 14.i have been [email protected]#$ing with Hiphop music since 1999 with my day one crew 6 Blade & LAMARGA .

How long have you been making hiphop music?
MC Doughboy: It started for me when i was listening to early eminem works actually. I was rapping Francism classic and some tupac stuff when i was younger but i started seriously pursuing writing my own when i heard eminem. Being an MC is a different story.

What influences you in making music?
MC Doughboy: Influences is a very vague subject. I listen to anything. I know musicians say that all the time but i do, i try to incorporate styles that are not usually fused to hiphop. Different artist have different ways of influencing me. I guess if i have to call someone my real idol, i’d say talib kweli and slug of atmosphere

Describe your music. What separates you from other MCs?
MC Doughboy: I love that Bob Marley line “One thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain. that inspires me a lot.

Who have you collaborated with?
MC Doughboy: I rarely collaborate. Its not that im a snob or a hard headed dude to work with. i like establishing a relationship with the artist im collaborating with. But besides my team and Rapskallion, ive worked with the Queen (Chillie Chill Chill) & Sam Rhansum, the Prince (Krazykyle), Pikaso, Legit Misfits, Dj Arbie and some other artist.

Who would you like to collab with in the near future?
MC Doughboy: Local, I wanna work with Ron Henley. His Cool. International. I wanna work with Sandara Park’s Crew…they are great.

What is your dream project and how would you want it to happen?
MC Doughboy: Dream Project. A song with “the Throne” with a live performance at MSG, NY.

What is your definition of “Pinoy Rap”?
MC Doughboy: Pinoy Rap is …………….. heart emoticon

Where can we find you online?
MC Doughboy: Type MC Dough Boy Ricalde on FB and Instagram :))

Any shout outs?
MC Doughboy: Shout outs: Thank you Gab for this interview. Shout outs to the whole RAPSKALLION FAmilia. Lolas Noisy Neighbors (KRAZYKYLE LADY ZASTA & PENITENT), Red ALert (Sam & Chillie), )043, Mandaluyong, Prime Upscale Club, DJ’s i have worked with (Mike Lacson, Spoiled, Den, Chinaman,), And to Baby Miranda (lol) you know you got me and to Dasha & Jamie you will always be the coal in this locomotive.


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