What Fliptop Battle?

Youngmaze January 2, 2012 3

I received search queries like ano ang flip top?, ano ang fliptop, ano ang halimbawa ng fliptop, ano ang ibig sabihin ng flip top, ano ang kahulugan ng flip top, ano ang kahulugan ng fliptop, and anu ang fliptop.

Well I have done some research and according to some facts that I found Fliptop is a rap battle league of two people in a match. They have to show mental alertness to insult each other cleverest punch lines and sharpest rhymes.

And the man behind the Fliptop league, no other than Anygma. He is the person who got the idea of applying some concept and format from Grind Time to the Fliptop.

Anygma said, “I’m aware of the talent here in the Philippines. I just put two and two together, like. So, if we have this kind of talent (rap), what would it take for it to work?”

FlipTop first event was February 2010 and in that date FlipTop start to become hit in the Philippines.

How FlipTop Battle start – It was as simple as applying some format from America to the Philippines. They have been battling ever since also in the Philippines, but when Grind Time was shown—the American league, probably the biggest in the world too—and when their format, the concept of it was introduced to the greater public, Anygma applies the format and the history begins.

How did they execute FlipTop Battle – It’s like Grind Time because they have the exact same format and they have free battles on Youtube and you don’t even have to look for someone to air it or even you don’t have to think on selling it on DVD. Profit is not really the priority.

Anygma is aware of the talents here in the Philippines. He divides Fliptop Battle in two categories Filipino and English conferences.

Now Fliptop Battle has their own website you can visit them at http://thefliptopbattleleague.com


yeah! thanks for this. i love watching fliptop battles too....


yeah! thanks for this. i love watching fliptop battles too..


mukang maganda ito kay sa iba