Top 4 Underground Hip-hop Artist/Group in Philippines 2012

Youngmaze March 27, 2012 1

I was supposed to do this late last year but that time I feel it’s not the right time to publish it and people might just ignore it.

Anyways for me what makes a good underground hiphop artist/group in the Philippines? It’s so simple you must have a good production, dope lyrics and unique personality.

Here is the list of the top 5 underground hip-hop artist/group in the Philippines.

My criteria for giving that are spot fan base, originality, quality and consistency.

4. Lil Humble – Every time I listened to his music I’m still amazed how he managed to shift from one style to another. I can say Lil Humble is one hell of a versatile rapper. Some of his songs are kungs sana, stand out featuring Bebe Riz and Muli. He represents Turf Entertainment.

3. Smugglaz – One of best solo rapper in the scene and fastest rapper, he has a big fan base from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Some of his songs are ikaw parin, ikaw lang at ako and He represents 187 Mobstaz, B.R.P, Flee Ent., and Martial Camp Records.

2. Lil Sisa – A preschool teacher in the morning and a great emcee at night, I first heard her at fliptop battle and guys believe me this girl got skills, her lines was seems to be effortless but its blazing. She is like nicki minaj of Philippines. Some of her songs are pusong pinaubaya, yakap and saktong panahon.

1. Breezy Boyz – They got the number one spot because they are the talk of the town and there is no one can question their popularity, you can hear someone in every street listening to their songs and wearing their shirts. Breezy Boyz is composed of Curse One, Vlync, Dhonmez, Lux & Slick One. Their music video of tiwala was viewed 2,393,901 views. Breezy Boyz are so talented I hope one day they will ink a recording deal with one of the major record labels here in the Philippines.

Savio Mody
Savio Mody

I absolutely adore this article. absolutely gonna need to add this to the list.