Sam Smith teams up with A$AP Rocky on ‘I’m Not The Only One’


Sam Smith teams up with A$AP Rocky on a new version of his song, ‘I’m Not The Only One.’

“Dine at Ciprianis like Beyoncé, they’re getting by or they’re getting bodied/So Sasha Fierce, a whole lot of tears,” the NYC rapper cooly declares, tackling his troubles with the ladies. Later on, he hits harder for an even more depressing verse: “Jack Daniels for breakfast, a cap of Valium mixed with antidepressants/My momma said that we need love/Till I found out life’s a bitch with no no prenup,” he bitterly raps. And by the time Sam comes in with his aching crooning for the final time, it’s all over — this one’s a total angry tears fest. The remix will be available on iTunes at midnight.

Listen to the remix of the track above.


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