Road2Araneta: Araneta Dreams 2015 “The Coliseum”


HipHop fans be excited as the Road2Araneta once again dreams to fill the Big Dome. This year’s Araneta Dream is entitled “The Coliseum”. And the dream date will come to pass on April 9, 2015 so fans be ready to clear anything else other than the Araneta Dream on that day.

Here’s what “The Coliseum will be about”: Turbulence Crew, Mike Swift, Q-York’ s Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matikz, Q-York Edutainment, Sunugan, J-Hoon, and J-hon Aackk, among others.

Turbulence Crew posted on their official Facebook page the following requests:

Nix Pernia do an all OPM DJ set with a lights show, The Philippine All Stars Lema Diaz perform the national anthem, R2A to feature a charity event shooting contest (shooting range) contest amongst Shots Fired‘s crew and/or make it invitational, see Bugoy na Koykoy perform with his Toyota Cressida on stage, create a fiesta theme inside the venue, see Thyro Alfaro, Jose Quest Villanueva III, Gene Roca, JRuss, Pino G. perform OPM classics ala boy band, skate Karaoke, picnic Games All Stars invitational.

However, further details on the Araneta Dream 2015 is yet to be announced clearly, and with finality.

Watch for the ultimate Pinoy Hiphop dream this 2015, coming this April 9.


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