Mknocks Releases The Old Manila: Once Were Kings EP


Sure there are new stuffs that sounds good today but there is nothing compared to music which gives you an Old Manila feeling. And if you want that vibe to your playlist then here’s some good news for you. Mknocks released 7-track EP entitled The Old Manila: Once Were Kings EP.

The said EP is now available for download via its Bandcamp Page (, which was released February 17, 2015. You can either get it for FREE, which we all love, or you can do something better and support Mknocks by giving something.

Mknocks worked out this EP off with Reynaldo Novicio Jr “MisterREY” ever since the former arrived in the US way back in 2009-2011. Mknocks is an emcee previously based here in Manila but is now in California. The album cover was made by B-Roc.

That Old Manila feeling can be something new to your playlist and it is available for you now. Download the EP and support Mknocks and his music. Refer to the link above.


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