Bebe Riz (born on July 1, 1989 in Pasay City) is a charismatic Filipina rapper that currently resides in Manila. Known for her witty punch lines and unique flow, Bebe Riz collaborates with an extensive amount of musicians locally and internationally. She is capable of adapting to different beats and topics and writes her verses accordingly. Bebe Riz is a lyricist who is known for utilizing a technique coined “multi-syllable rhyming” which is often referred to as one of the more complex ways of rapping a verse.

Raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Bebe Riz started rapping in 2003 after hearing a local artist. Since then, she has been polishing up her art in terms of flow and lyrics. In 2008, Bebe Riz set her sights on the international music scene and started rapping in the English language. Due to her undeniable skills, she was instantly recognized by musicians internationally and was asked to collaborate on a number of tracks. These efforts then garnered her underground fame.

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