Bagong Siglo Music for Quezon City

Youngmaze March 12, 2013 0

Bagong Siglo MusicStarting today! I will featuring Pinoy Rap Groups, Artists and Events if you know something new and upcoming events please don’t hesitate to contact us. Pinoy Rap tagalog rap is rising again from underground and into the mainstream music scene but that will be under story for now i’ll be featuring a rap familia called Bagong Siglo from Quezon City.

Bagong Siglo Music are composed of group of young adults who so passionate and got awesome talent on the field of pinoy tagalog rap music. Their style is from hardcore, novelty and love song type of rap music.

Bagong Siglo Music formerly known as Bagong Siglo Clan was founded in the year 2003 by Bone, K,oz, Perwizio, Bathzkie, Lapagayo, Xyro and including me at the time we are doing rap remixes from famous filipino love songs like Kailangan ko’y Ikaw and many more. Now Kierzkie, MicOne and TechFlow are leading group doing fresh songs that are so awesome.

Bagong Siglo are also included in the upcoming Pio’s Rap Session under Viva Records.

LR: Nenzkie Bone, Kalibre, Kierzkie, Nentzkie,  Juvenile, Lil Sisa, Delo

LR: Nenzkie Bone, Kalibre, Kierzkie, Nentzkie, Juvenile, Lil Sisa, Dello

To know more information about Bagong Siglo Music like their facebook page or check Kierzkie youtube account for their new music.